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Where listening with attention takes place
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                              The Philosophy of Casa de Aprendizaje

 We believe that parents are great! They love their children so much, and we appreciate the vital and important work they do to raise their children. To support parents well, I believe it is important to listen to parents, and let them have a place to share what they are thinking and feeling. This “talking and listening” space helps parents think more clearly about their goals for themselves and their families. Parents who are part of a caring community can raise their children with more support. We want to build this community for families at our family daycare home.

In our work with the children, we also focus on listening. All day long, we listen to children and create space for them to share their feelings and we offer them our perspective as we listen. 

When a child has “off track” behavior, we set limits by using a warm tone of voice and gentle gestures while at the same time allowing the child to express their feelings – often crying. We think it is important to allow children to cry when they need to and we will stay close, at their eye level, until they are ready to move on to another activity. 

We provide a variety of activities that support healthy child development and we believe that children grow and learn in their own individual ways. Being a place where caring people help children build relationships and feel connected to each other, provides the framework for the self-esteem that will help them the rest of their lives. 

Adriana Castillo, Founder / Director
Casa de Aprendizaje
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Adriana Castillo is a certified instructor for Hand in Hand parenting  

For more information about Hand in Hand parenting check the link below

Adriana Castillo - Owner

Casa de Aprendizaje was founded on 11/20/2006. 
Casa de Aprendizaje has annual evaluations by the California Department of Social Services.
Casa de Aprendizaje has quarterly evaluations by Food Program Sponsoring Agency: Community Bridges.
Adriana Castillo
Associate in Science in Early Childhood Education
Graduated with high honors 
Cabrillo College in 2012

* Santa Cruz city Mayor's Proclamation by Cynthia Mathews, Mayor 2016